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The Three Critical Roles I Play in Your Life When You're Selling a Home

Our agents are your consultant/advisor, they are your negotiator and your transactional manager.

As your consultant, you hire them , to sell and find buyers for your real estate,  for the best price and terms possible;  they do this in a time-period that works best for you by aiming to getting all this done in a way that minimizes stress when dealing with high levels of complexity. 

Another reason to hiring our agents, is to protect your interests, your money, your time and your energy which means if getting the best price is what you want and if doing it in a time period that flts for you is what you want, then, you hire our agents, as you consultant. 

The agent's second role is, to be your negotiator, as your negotiator, you pay them to treat your hard earned money like if it is theirs and the time will come to save you, and make you money. They will                                                                                             gurad and protect your interest and money like their most valable possession. 

                                                                                  You'll likely hear yourself say to yourself, "Platinum Preferred Realty's agents negotiating skills alone are                                                                                    worth every penny we paid."

                                                                                   The agent's third role is, They your transaction manager. Think about this. As your transactional                                                                                                   manager, your hiring them to handle 100to 150 phone calls, hundreds f text messages and emails,                                                                                             hiring them to lead and organize the 43 different professioals from 14 different industriesthat iwill get                                                                                       activetly invloved in the coming days and weeks ahead.  

Would you believe!

Selling or buying real estate requires 40 to 50 signatures and initials, that's why having a expirenced professioal make sure that every "i'  is dotted and every "t" is crossed. Platinum Preferred agent's role is to protect you from making a costly mistake and, if that is what you want, then you can relax, because all of those phone calls, all those emails, all those text messages, all those professional and all those signatures it's all our responsibility. We have it handled. You can count on us, we got your back because it is our  role as your consultant, negotiator,  transactional managerand your agent for life!


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